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Drop A Dress Size!

Inch loss body wraps are a revolutionary method to remove unwanted fat. Works by lipolysis, latest method to reduce fatty cells, not by dehydration & loss of water.

Contains an active ingredient & essential oils which actually penetrates the skin & starts to work on the fat cells of the body. 

1 session can reduce waistline by up to 2 inches. That's dropping a dress size in 60 minutes

A course of 5 treatments along with healthy eating & exercise is recommended for longer-term benefits.

Buy 5, 6th free.

'Honey I Shrunk' Full Body Wrap - £40

Wrapped in essential oils for 60 minutes, cocooned in a heated blanket with a complimentary aromatherapy hand & foot massage or a temple & scalp massage.

Inch Loss Body Wrap



  Lavender - rejuvenate, cleanse, & tone

  Cypress -  balance & help with cellulite

  Juniper - help minimise menstrual oedema & swelling