Why choose Sienna x?


We know that there are literally hundreds of

Spray Tanning options on the market today and

you get all different kinds of Prices and Options

to choose from, so WHY SIENNA?

After extensive research and experimenting with

different spray tanning  brands, Therapy Connect

confidently brings you that all over and even Spray

Tan whether winter or summer, rain or shine.

The perfect way to achieve a natural healthy bronzed look, tailored to match your skin type. Quite simply, our natural shades are applied using the most advanced Spray Tan technology in the Fake Tan industry today, a SIENNA Tan will leave you free of streaks, patches, tanned palms and probably most importantly, it will NOT turn you orange!

Sienna x is fully and truly committed to offering the highest quality products and equipment. Their customer service provides me with the essential knowledge needed to enable me to create a flawless and even Sunless Tan .... naturally!

Sienna x gives an instant, sun kissed tan which develops into a deep, long lasting sunless tan over 8 hours. Sienna X spray tan is available in 6 shades to guarantee the most natural looking, flawless tan for any skin type, with anti-ageing and gorgeous moisturising properties to ensure that you get the most from your sunless spray tan.

Quick – the treatment takes just 15 minutes.
Safe – no UVA/UVB to damage your skin.
Tailored Tan – Sienna x solutions are available in a range of 6 different formulas to suit your skin tone/type, so no worries of turning ‘orange’.
Natural skin ingredients  – Sienna X products are packed with moisture-rich natural active ingredients to nourish, condition and care for your skin. Paraben, alchohol and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) free.
Favourite with the media – Sienna X spray tans have appeared in prime time TV shows Strictly Come Dancing and How to Look Good Naked.
Produces exceptional results – you’ll notice a beautiful golden colour immediately that continues to develop over the next 8 hours with no distinctive ‘fake tan’ smell.

Reasons to book your Sienna x tan with Therapy Connect:
Expertly applied - over 6 years experienced using sunless tanning systems.
Professional, discreet & insured - fully trained to tan you to perfection with a formula to suit your own skin type.

I am fully trained with over 5 years experience. Application of tan is done with great care & attention following a consultation which determines your own natural  tan.

Pre/Post Tan skin preparation

What you do before a spray tan can mean a difference between a good and a bad spray tan! Preparing your skin before your spray tan is crucial:


Prior to and on the day of your tan - 1 or 2 days before, you should exfoliate your entire body. Exfoliation will remove dead skin that would otherwise flake off and helps to promote even coverage and lengthen the duration of your tan. When you exfoliate, pay particular attention to the lower half of your legs, knees, ankles, top of feet, toes, elbows and knuckles. You may use an exfoliating lotion, face cloth, scrubbing mitt or loofah. Use a pumice stone on feet if necessary.


Shaving or waxing - It is best to shave or wax at least 24 hours before your tanning appointment. We are unable to offer any waxing treatments on the same day of your tan. Waxing during the life of your tan will remove it - therefore we recommend that you do not wax for at least 7 days after the application.

Cremes and lotions - Do not apply moisturisers or use any roll-on deodorants until after your post-tanning shower (see below), lotions can act as a barrier and prevent the Sun Spray from contacting with the skin. The same applies to your face and the wearing of make-up.


What to wear - Wear loose fitting clothing, preferably a sundress, along with sandals to your tanning appointment. Plan to spend about 30 to 40 minutes at the salon. The actual tanning takes about 15-20 minutes but you will need to allow about 10 minutes for drying time. Wear a dark coloured costume or garment of your preference. The tanning system solution (therapist colour guide) washes out of most clothing very easily, but tends to stain light nylon materials.


 Immediately following your tanning application, for at least 5 hours, you should:
• Not wash your hands or wear tight clothing.
• Not exercise. Perspiring immediately after tanning alters the chemical reaction of the sun spray.
• Not swim or immerse yourself in water.
• Not apply moisturiser.
• Not wear closed in shoes.


Post-Tan Shower - Wait at least 8 hours after your tanning application before showering or bathing. You need to allow enough time for the reaction to take place - the longer the better. Do not be alarmed if you see colour washing off the first time you shower as this is just the surface colour application. Your skin will continue to tan as the self-tan reaction works on your skin.
Due to the reaction of the active ingredients with the amino acids of the skin, some clients, based on their particular body chemistry, will notice a "starch" smell on their skin shortly after their tanning application. This will disappear with the post-tan shower.


Maintenance of you Tan - Apply moisturiser, morning and evening, after your post-tan shower. A well hydrated skin is essential in maintaining a longer life to your tan. To keep the top layer of your skin from shedding as quickly and thus prolong the life of your spray tan you must simply exfoliate before you have your next treatment and moisturise your skin every day thereafter.


Note: Lotions containing Alpha Hydroxyl Acids are used to increase exfoliation, therefore their use will accelerate the fading process of your tan.

Side effects - There are no known harmful side effects reported and it is a safe alternative to the harmful effects of tanning in the sun or on a sun bed. In fact all the active ingredients have been FDA (Food and Drug Administration, USA) approved. A very small percentage of people are allergic to DHA and may break out in red spots. If you have reacted badly to sunless tanning lotions before, please advise us prior to your tanning session, and advise us upon your return. We always recommend that you have a trial run 4-6 weeks before any important occasion, in the rare case of allergies or unexpected results.


If you follow these simple steps, you should be able to maintain an optimal tan for about five days. You will be amazed by the fantastic results, make an appointment today and look forward to  a seamless all over body tan in just 15 minutes!

How spray tan works - The specially made airbrush atomises the "Sun Spray" into a cooling vapour onto the skin ensuring an even application. One of the active ingredients in the Sun Spray, Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), causes a chemical reaction with the amino acids on the outermost top layer of skin to produce a bronzed tan - much like the sun does but without UVA and UVB damage to the skin. With absolutely no sun exposure at all, the tan usually lasts between 4 - 7 days. The way the tan fades and the length of time it lasts is dependent on how each person naturally loses his or her skin. Regular moisturising is essential to prolong the duration of the tan, especially during hotter months or in dry climates. Booking for a "double application" ensures an even longer lasting and more natural looking tan and offers a cost saving. Scroll down for more information. As the top layer of skin is the part that's dyed by the DHA, your spray tan will wear off once the top layer of dead skin peels off.




The Zen cabin has a spacious, dedicated, purpose built-in tanning booth! Offers privacy and lots of space to undress. Be confident to leave the cabin unhurried with a flawless, beautiful natural tan, professionally and perfectly applied in 15 minutes.


What's more we can create a perfect shade just for you and be beautifully bronzed in just 2 hours with the recently launched NEW formula - ‘Tonight's the Night’!


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